Altrurian Literary Club began as a woman's social club that soon evolved into an organization dedicated to improving the community through volunteer work and projects.

Altrurian means "Sacrifice of self in the interest of others."


WCI established the first circulation library in Indio.

The Club changed it's name to The Woman's Club of Indio (WCI) and became a member of the General Federation of Women's Club (GFWC).


WCI clubhouse was completed on the corner of Miles Avenue and King Street.  The building still stands today and is being used as a church.


The California Highway Commission adopted the safety measure of painting a centerline on state highways as proposed by WCI members lead by local physician, Dr. June McCarroll.


WCI successfully lobbied for and supported the creation of the Gnat Abatement District, enhancing the environmental health of the region.


The WCI clubhouse was used as a U.S.O. Club for soldiers stationed in nearby military bases during WWII.

WCI established a High School Scholarship Program to assist qualifying Indio Students.  The program now includes Indio High School, Shadow Hills High School and Amistad High School.


WCI adopts the Coachella Valley History Museum (CVHM) as a permanent project to preserve the history of the Coachella Valley and the Woman's Club.


WCI established the Empowering Women through Education Scholarship for adult women and adopted the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM).  We assist CVRM with serving meals and food donations for the food pantry.


WCI assisted in establishing and mentoring the GFWC-Desert Valley Woman's Club (DVWC), chartered in September 2010.


WCI Centennial Exhibition opens it's doors October 1st at the Coachella Valley History Museum which ran through June 2012.


WCI celebrated 100 years of continued service to Indio and the Coachella Valley.

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WCI circa 1925

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